Extending our circle to your patients’ homes

Your patients are your top priority. Your daily goal is to keep them healthy. You treat and do all you can to cure illnesses and diseases. Or manage an illness when there is no cure. When your seriously ill patients are spending most of their time at home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home, Hospice of the Panhandle and Panhandle Palliative Services can provide extra support to help keep them more comfortable and experience a higher quality of life.

Dr. Sarah Phillips, HMDC, Medical Director, Hospice of the Panhandle - Our Partners

Improve patient outcomes

As a professional trained to treat and heal, it may be challenging to consider a terminal patient as having a good outcome. Yet, expert care from Hospice of the Panhandle can improve life’s final months by keeping the patient comfortable at home, relieving emotional and spiritual distress, empowering a higher quality of life, and even supporting what families call a “good death.” The sooner you refer patients to Hospice of the Panhandle or Panhandle Palliative Services, the more we can do to manage pain and other symptoms, improve quality of life, and provide care that receives high satisfaction scores from patients and families.

Reduce ER visits and hospital admissions

By expertly managing pain and other symptoms – including regularly scheduled home visits and 24/7 phone support by RNs – Hospice of the Panhandle and Panhandle Palliative Services have solid track records of minimizing ER visits and reducing hospital readmissions within 30 days. Keeping your patients out of the ER and avoiding hospital admissions or readmissions are important to you and your business. Hospice of the Panhandle is your partner in minimizing Medicare penalties, as well as reducing ICU bed usage and hospital length of stay.

Increase provider performance scores

Provider selection and reimbursement are increasingly being driven by surveys to measure performance from the patient’s point of view. Hospice of the Panhandle and Panhandle Palliative Services can play a vital role in helping to improve your performance scores. For instance, Hospice of the Panhandle can have a positive impact on patient perspectives regarding pain management, discharge information and transition of care in Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores. Let us show you the improvements Hospice of the Panhandle and Panhandle Palliative Services can make as your seriously ill patients transition from hospital to home.

Gain deeper understanding for better referrals

Is hospice care or palliative services more appropriate for your patient? Our exclusive e-guide empowers you to compare eligibility guidelines, benefits and other details to help you make the most effective referrals.

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