Emotional/Spiritual Support

Coping with emotions and gaining spiritual strength

Easing the burdens of emotional challenges

Hospice of the Panhandle’s expert team of social workers and counselors provides education and counseling for a range of needs. They also can help you understand your care options and connect you to other community resources, such as disease-specific support groups. Not all support is directed at overcoming challenges. Our team also supports you in achieving life’s goals, attending events important to you, and making sure your wishes for living on your terms are understood and honored.

Strengthening connections with your faith

To help your family sort through spiritual issues to find peace and comfort, our team includes experienced chaplains. Our chaplains are specially trained to help you connect with your faith according to your individual preferences, beliefs and traditions, regardless of what faith you practice. They will gladly serve you in discussions about what you believe, prayers, meditations – or simply in providing open ears and open hearts to listen.

Do you or a family member need counseling?