We Honor Veterans

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Honoring our nation’s veterans at the end of life

If you or someone you love served in the military – especially during wartime – your experiences during the final months of life may be decidedly different than those who didn’t serve. Traumatic events, injuries, toxic agents and extreme environments are just some of the factors that can have lingering physical, emotional and psychological effects on our nation’s veterans. Adding to those challenges, many veterans returned from duty and simply didn’t talk about what they did or saw, perhaps bottling up feelings of anger, guilt and other emotions that can surface at the end of life. We Honor Veterans.

Specialized care for those who served us

Hospice of the Panhandle is committed to serving veterans with all of the dignity and honor they deserve. We work closely with the Martinsburg VA Medical Center to make sure veterans have the physical, emotional and spiritual care they need at the end of life.Through the We Honor Veterans program, in collaboration with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs, we have trained our staff to be highly sensitive to the unique needs of our nation’s heroes.

Esteemed recognition and support

Each veteran who receives care from Hospice of the Panhandle benefits from:

  • Information about VA services available for their needs
  • A recognition ceremony of their service (if desired)
  • Presentation of a special certificate and pin (if desired)
  • Visits from veteran volunteers (if desired)