Palliative Services

Panhandle Palliative Services

Panhandle Palliative Services improves quality of life

If you struggle with advanced disease, Panhandle Palliative Services can help you live more fully despite the challenges of illness. Unlike with hospice care, you may still be receiving treatment for your disease and you can benefit from palliative services at any stage of your disease. Your care with Panhandle Palliative Services focuses on:

  • Managing your symptoms
  • Achieving life goals despite advanced disease
  • Planning for your future care

Understanding the advantages of Panhandle Palliative Services

Panhandle Palliative Services are focused on providing relief from the pain, stress, anxiety and other symptoms of an advanced illness – whatever the diagnosis. Counseling is also offered to provide emotional and spiritual support for the patient and family. By managing physical and emotional discomfort, Panhandle Palliative Services can vastly improve quality of life.

You can receive Panhandle Palliative Services in combination with any curative treatments or therapies. In fact, our palliative services can be very effective in relieving side effects of curative treatments, including nausea, constipation and insomnia.

Panhandle Palliative Services brings personalized care to your door with:

  • In-home visits from a nurse practitioner and social worker (if needed)
  • Coordination with your doctors to manage changes in your symptoms without additional trips to the doctor’s office or hospital
  • Connections to the resources you need to support your desired lifestyle
  • 24/7 phone support for urgent needs and questions.

As an advanced illness progresses, your needs can change quickly. Our expert team knows what you can anticipate during the course of different diseases and will help you plan care that adjusts to your needs. Care planning also includes meeting goals for the lifestyle you want to live despite serious illness. In addition, advance directives make sure your care wishes are known and followed if you’re unable to speak for yourself.

You should talk to your doctor about Panhandle Palliative Services if:

  • You have advanced disease and live in Berkeley or Jefferson County in West Virginia
  • You have uncontrolled pain or other symptoms from your illness
  • You are frequently hospitalized because of your disease
  • You make frequent trips to the emergency room when symptoms flare up

There are a variety of ways Panhandle Palliative Services are paid for – including certain services covered by Medicare Part B. All insurance plans will be billed. If you have concerns about the cost or coverage by your insurance plan for Panhandle Palliative Services, a member of our team can help you determine if there will be out-of-pocket costs. Call 304.264.0406 and ask about palliative care coverage.

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