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Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are in our circle, too

Expert support for caregivers at home

Many families are thrust into caring for a seriously ill loved one at home. Although a labor of love, many of us feel unprepared and uncertain about this important role. Feelings of stress and fatigue are common. With support from Hospice of the Panhandle’s expert team, you can quickly become a more capable and confident caregiver. Learning new skills and practicing the right techniques can make all the difference in safety and comfort for you and your loved one. family caregiver ratings

Families rate our services on par with or above national averages

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Caregiver Resources at Hospice of the Panhandle

Caregiver resources at the ready

With training, coaching and other resources available from Hospice of the Panhandle, you can develop proper caregiving skills and techniques. Download your choice of caregiver tips from our library. Or just need a break? Trained volunteers from Hospice of the Panhandle can sit with your loved one at home for a couple of hours. So you can take time to run errands, tend to other matters, or just relax and recharge. Your loved one also may be able to stay at our Inpatient Facility if you need a break for a longer period of time.

Emotional and Spiritual Icon

Emotional and spiritual support

The stress, anxiety and uncertainty of an illness can unleash a range of emotions – fear, anger, depression, guilt, grief and many other feelings. Matters of faith and spirituality also are often magnified during a serious or terminal illness. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Our expert social workers, counselors and chaplains are here to support you and your family.

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Grief support helps you heal from loss

Every person reacts differently when losing a loved one. For some, it may be a time to be alone and reflect while others may seek the company of other people. Grief affects our whole being – physically, emotionally and spiritually. If grief becomes overwhelming and unmanageable for you, Hospice of the Panhandle’s experts will guide you through a grief process that’s best for you.

See how we’ve helped other families

Hearing the stories of other families coping with a serious or terminal illness may help you better understand all the ways Hospice of the Panhandle can help you and your family. Gain comfort and reassurance from those who have faced similar challenges.