Maria Luska - welcomed her family into our Inpatient FacilityUnlike many families, Marie Luksa and her family were very familiar with the care and support hospice provides. Her husband, Andy, had been a Hospice of the Panhandle patient years ago. When she became a patient, Marie and her family experienced a new level of care and support.

Marie suffered from Parkinson’s disease. However, following a hospital stay for a broken hip, Marie contracted pneumonia and was unable to remain at home. Instead of going back to the hospital, she moved to the Hospice of the Panhandle Inpatient Facility.

The Inpatient Facility, which has 14 private rooms, gardens and family living areas, quickly felt like home for Marie and her large family. “Mom asked whose home she was in. That’s how comfortable she was; we were, too,” said Kristin Hardin, Marie’s daughter. “At one point, I think there were probably 20 of us in her room.”

Along with her large family, Marie’s beloved Newfoundland “grand-dog” was at her bedside. The dog stayed close to Marie, even laying her head on Marie’s pillow. Most of her family stayed throughout the four days she was a patient at the Inpatient Facility.

“I think it’s such a special time … we were so glad that we called Hospice when we did,” said Marliene Martin, Marie’s daughter. She received care for six months in her home before moving to the Inpatient Facility.

Surrounding the patient with expert care and providing compassionate support to the family is what Hospice of the Panhandle is all about. “I don’t know that everyone understands the support the family receives … and how important that is,” Marliene added.

When complex symptoms require round-the-clock care, the Inpatient Facility at Hospice of the Panhandle provides all the comforts of home for patients with advanced needs.