By Cindy Burdette, Grief Counselor are going through one of the most difficult times in your life.....maybe you are the one experiencing serious health problems or maybe it is your family member or friend. Regardless, the sooner you enter our circle of expert care, the more we can do to help all of you. We want to surround each one of you with the compassion and services you feel you need.

When I think of a “circle,” I like to think of it as a verb and not a noun; as a verb it means “to move all the way around, especially more than once.”

Bereavement support is provided throughout (all the way around, multiple times) your time with us in our circle of expert care. When our staff first talks with you about hospice care as an option, we come with the understanding that you and your family have already suffered from loss; loss of your health, loss of being able to do things as you used to as well as many other losses. Your family members are experiencing losses too, realizing you may no longer be able to function in the ways you have in the past, like changing the oil or doing the grocery shopping.

By entering our expert care sooner, you have the opportunity to talk to our staff about difficult feelings you may be experiencing since you’ve become ill. Our staff can also help you and your family to learn the skills to talk with one another about the changes you all are going through and how you can live more fully in the midst of these changes.

A very common fear for those who are seriously ill is what will happen to their surviving loved ones when they do die. You can feel confident that your family will have the support they need to assist them in coping not only during your illness, but after. Our Center for Grief Support offers individual counseling, support groups and specialized workshops to support people in their grief. These Bereavement services are available to anyone in the community who has suffered a loss through death.

We want you to have the benefit of all we offer. We can help you figure out what you need, as you see it. We can make sure your wishes for living on your terms are understood and honored and that your family members are able to live on as well.