Providing a space for meditation and reflection

A meditation labyrinth is a continuous path that loops around in a circular manner until it reaches a center point.

A meditation labyrinth can be used as a form of prayer or reflection for people who experience their life as a spiritual pilgrimage, a personal journey or a process of growth.

The Hospice labyrinth is located at the end of the winding walkway next to the pond by the inpatient facility. As you stand there looking down, you will see five dark-colored stones side by side in a straight line. Step across those stones onto the light-colored stones and you will be on the path to the center.  Once there, simply retrace your steps back out.

The meditation labyrinth is open to the public and small groups are welcome to use the labyrinth but please make arrangements in advance. For more information about the meditation labyrinth, call (304) 264-0406 or email