A special program for people living with advanced heart disease

Are you in the advanced stages of heart disease? Helping Hearts of the Panhandle can help you manage your symptoms and stay at home, avoiding trips to the emergency room and hospital stays.

Is Helping Hearts right for you? Consider these questions:

  • Are you not a candidate for surgery to repair your heart or have decided that surgery isn’t the right choice for you?
  • Has your doctor said you should focus on being comfortable rather than curing your heart disease?
  • Do you experience shortness of breath even when resting?
  • Do you make frequent trips to the emergency room for chest pain, shortness of breath or dizziness?
  • Has your doctor told you that your ejection fraction is less than 20 percent?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you may be able to get affordable, in-home care through Helping Hearts of the Panhandle.

How can Helping Hearts help you? We support you to stay at home with:

  • Home visits by nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains and counselors
  • Medications and medical supplies related to controlling your heart disease symptoms
  • Training to manage your symptoms so you can feel better and enjoy more quality time with family and friends
  • A personalized emergency plan
  • Evaluations by a registered dietitian and occupational therapist
  • Support of volunteers who can help you with light housekeeping and transportation
  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Full coverage by Medicare, WV Medicaid or most private insurance plans

To learn more about Helping Hearts of the Panhandle or to set up a free informational visit, call 304.264.0406.