Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Job
Time Commitment
Training Required
Patient and Family
Care and Support

Volunteers are matched with a hospice patient and family to provide a variety of supportive services.
Usually about 3-4 hours a week.

20 hours Direct Services Training
Organizational Support
Volunteers help with the operation of the hospice program. Job opportunities may include: assisting with mailings, data entry, hostessing, fund raising, helping with health fairs, speakers bureau, baking and clerical work.
As desired by Volunteer. Opportunities to help come intermittently throughout year.
Hospice 101

Hospice Helpers
Volunteers who do specific, one-time assignments for patients such as baking, sewing, gardening, cleaning, etc.
Varies according to the task.
Hospice 101
11th Hour Volunteers
Volunteers who are on standby to sit with patients who are near death at home, in nursing homes and hospitals.
Assignments are infrequent but usually require 4-8 hours at the time of the assignment.
20 hours Direct Services Training
HTV—Hospice Teen Volunteers
Volunteers are at least a rising high school freshmen.
Varies according to assignments.
20 hours Direct Services Training
Needlers & Crafters
Sew lap quilts, therapy pillows and memory items for hospice patients.
Variable. Volunteers work from home.
Hospice 101
Hospice Liaisons
Represent hospice to their church or workplace to help with information distribution and referrals.
1 -2 hours per month
1 1/2 hour class and periodic meetings

For information about hospice volunteer opportunities,
contact Tricia Lawrence, Volunteer Coordinator.
304.264.0406, ext. 1224